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Composting Mulch

Kawasaki May 1 033 Medium Web view.jpg

Our Mulch is composted to kill pathogens and weed seeds. The dark rich color is natural. Only the best for your trees and plants. Click here for Video :)  Tag: Mulch Athens, GA.


Back To The Gardens partially composted mulch, is loaded with beneficial bacteria and fungi. Our mulch has been partially composted to temperatures over 131* F. That makes it better for your soil and plants.

100_1059 Medium Web view.jpg

Hot Stuff

Hancock Rd Terex 050 Medium Web view.jpg

This photo was taken the 1st week of March 2008 before turning the mulch. At 150 F. the Thermophilic Bacteria are thriving.

Athens Largest Mulch Pile

Turning the mulch periodically gives the mulch consistency and keeps the Benefical Microbes cooking!

Hancock Rd Terex 053 Medium Web view.jpg

Covering The Turf

Schetter's Job 011 Medium Web view.jpg

Turning lawns into natural areas is good for the environment!  Lawns have a very high carbon foot print. Besides requiring lots of water, they use gas for the lawn mower, pesticides and fertilizers.  All of this leads to compacted soils. Compacted soils allow for poor water infiltration and soil respiration. Pesticides and herbicides are often carried into our rivers during heavy rain events.  This is know as Storm Water Runoff and a prominent cause of non-point source pollution.

Covering The Turf

Never use a loader to spread mulch around trees!  Using wheel barrows to spread mulch lessens soil compaction , this is very important.  Heavy equipment can compact soils and damage roots!

Schetter's Job 022 Medium Web view.jpg

Covering The Turf

Schetter's Job 044 Medium Web view.jpg

It's important to use a thich layer of mulch when cover turf areas.  You want to be sure and kill the grass below, applying 4-6 inches seems to do the trick. We used no herbiside here, the microbe enriched mulch calls the worms to feed.  The grass composted under the mulch and became part of the rhizosphere.


This yard was the perfect for a Mulch-Over. We vertical mulched the entire yard with our food waste and mortality compost, before blanket mulching.  The trees in this yard will no doubt breathe easier. 

Destiny of the earth according to the rocks on my bed 043 Medium Web view.jpg


Destiny of the earth according to the rocks on my bed 051 Medium Web view.jpg

 In mid summer on the hottest day of the year, the soil in this yard was cooler by 20 degrees than lawn areas in the same areas. The soil was moist and look at all these feeder roots!  Happy Trees!