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Washed Away

The Beaten Path

Exposed tree roots are the first thing I see wrong with this picture.

CD51478-R1-041-19 Medium Web view.jpg
The Beaten Path

CD51478-R1-027-12 Medium Web view.jpg

Tree Roots

Organic matter is critical to the natural health of plants. Exposed soils, leads to poor soil Conditions. Which in turn leads to exposed roots and compacted soil. Not a good place to grow if you're a bug or a tree.

Soil Porosity

This is a porosity test, we conducted in a clients yard.

CD51478-R1-005-1_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Compacted Soil or The Beaten Path

CD51478-R1-007-2_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Start Pouring

Porosity Test

How fast will a gallon of water, soak into the ground, in a given spot?

Porosity Test

Like all brilliant answers, the answer is a question.

CD51478-R1-009-3_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Keep Pouring

CD51478-R1-011-4_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Still Pouring

Porosity Test

The question or answer is; It Depends.

Porosity Test

What it depends on are:

1. The moisture in the soil.

2. The slope or grade of the soil.

3. The temperature of the soil.

4. The porosity of the soil.

CD51478-R1-013-5_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Still Pouring

CD51478-R1-015-6_1 Medium Web view.jpg
So that's why the trees are still thirsty.

Porosity Test

When the soil is this compacted, it takes a long time for a gallon of water to soak in. Even when it flows down hill, over a large surface area.

Soil Porosity

One gallon of water was applied to this spot. As you can see, most of it went down stream. With the water, went some of the soil. Not much soaked in where it was poured out. We can fix this.

CD51478-R1-019-8_1 Medium Web view.jpg
Soil Porosity Test

Vertical Mulching

V M Reese 2.jpg

We use a high torque gas powered drill to bore holes into the compacted soil.  This 1 3/4  or our 2 inch bit used correctly causes little damage to the tree roots.

Food Waste Compost

Next we fill the holes with our food waste and mortality screened compost.

V M Reese 3.jpg

Partically Composted

V M Reese 5.jpg

Once all the holes have been filled with compost we cover the area with 4 inches of our Partically Composted Mulch.