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More Mulching and Vertical Mulching

Oak Tree Athens Georgia

A Big Oak Tree on Georgia Avenue in Normal Town, was having some problems.  A few large limbs had died and were posing a threat to those below.  The Soil around the tree was very compacted and Soil Erosion was making conditions for the tree even worse.

Large Oak Tree Medium Web view.jpg

Organic Matter Athens Georgia

Hole Bored 10inches Deep Medium Web view.jpg

This soil is nearly devoid of organic matter.

3/8 Inch Screened High Quality Compost

The COMPOST we use for our vertical mulching is produced at our facility in Athens, Georgia.  We compost Food (Residuals) Waste and Animal Mortalities.

Fine Screened High Quality Compost Medium Web view.jpg

Inoculating the Soil with Beneficial Microbes

Adding Compost Medium Web view.jpg  

Compost Plug

  Hole Filled With Compost Medium Web view.jpg

Young Apprentice Brett McConnell

Young Apprentice Brett McConnell Medium Web view.jpg  

Partially Composted Shredder Mulch

Web 2013-07-26 Tree Mulch Soil w Brett 027.jpg

This Local Athens Georgia Mulch is 150 F. No dyes, just Mother Nature making miracles happen!

Georgia Ave

Time for another mulching.  It's been four years.

Web 2013-07-26 Tree Mulch Soil w Brett 033.jpg

Same Job 4 Years Later

Web 2013-07-26 Tree Mulch Soil w Brett 036.jpg

So as grow the trees, grows the boy :)

5 inches in the path

This Mulch will not wash away! Do it right the first time.

Web 2013-07-27 Mulch Soil Veggies Stone w Brett 001.jpg

All Natural Mulch

Web 2013-07-27 Mulch Soil Veggies Stone w Brett 002.jpg

It looks great!

Dry Heat and Bare Soil

  Compost n Mulch 001 Medium Web view.jpg

Happy Tree

Compost n Mulch 028 Medium Web view.jpg

With no organic matter covering it's roots, the rain was eroding the soil out from under this large Oak Tree.


We installed 30 yards of our partially composted shredded mulch, at about 5 inches deep, to form this beautiful "No Maintenance" island around this tree. 

Compost n Mulch 032 Large Web view.jpg

Root Flare

Compost n Mulch 033 Medium Web view.jpg

Care is taken to insure the bark of the tree is not covered with excess mulch.  Burying the tree bark can cause problems for the tree.  

Apple Tree

We also put mulch around this Apple Tree.  Looks Great!

Compost n Mulch 025 Medium Web view.jpg


Mulching Pecans with Compost Watkinsville 006 Medium Web view.jpg

Brett McConnell spreads compost under a large Pecan tree in Watkinsville GA.

Deer Mortality

This is a lower jaw bone of a deer.  Which means this Pecan Tree will feed well.  We use animal mortalities as part of our feedstock  because it makes great compost.  There's nothing icky about it, no odor, occasionally we'll find a bone.  Most of the time, everything is processed by the bacteria.  Yum!

Mulching Pecans with Compost Watkinsville 012 Medium Web view.jpg

Trees Watkinsville Georgia

Mulching Pecans with Compost Watkinsville 014 Medium Web view.jpg

In a few months a new home will set in front of this tree.  The foundation will be dug maybe as close as twenty feet from it's base.  By Vertical Mulching with our screened compost and applying a three inch blanket of compost, where most of the root zone damage will occur; the tree and it's root system, will be better prepared for the loss of roots. 

Brett McConnell Practicing Arborist

I am so proud of my son Brett!  He is a very hard worker, loves being outside and working with nature.  Protecting trees and making our Earth's Biosphere a little healthier, is something to smile about :)

Mulching Pecans with Compost Watkinsville 018 Medium Web view.jpg

Saving Trees and Soil

Web 2013-08-09 Mulch Erosion Control 002.jpg

The soil has been eroding away in this area for years.  The large oak tree next to the house has been suffering.  Roots have been exposed, the ground is compacted and lacking pore space for water to infiltrate and oxygen and CO2 to exchange.  In other words, the tree can't breathe or get a good drink when it rains.  The result is a stressed out tree.

Partially Composted Shredded Mulch

Problem fixed! 

Web 2013-08-09 Mulch Erosion Control 005.jpg