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Food Waste Composting

Food Waste Only

Nordstrom 002 Medium Web view.jpg

Nordstroms Goes Green and Back To The Garden is there to help! 

Nordstroms Dining

Back To The Garden Assistant and Creative Earth volunteer  Clara Kienzle, helps with photos and notes as she and Mark McConnell do a survey of the Nordstrom Restaurant at Perimeter Mall Georgia. The food is GREAT!

Nordstrom 031 Medium Web view.jpg

Organics are a resource

Nordstrom 038 Medium Web view.jpg

No more French Fries in the trash.  Organics don't belong in the landfill. Being a good steward to the Earth is everyone's responsibility. 

First Pick Up

Pablo is as excited as I am, about picking up the first load of Food (RESIDUALS) Waste.  We may not be getting rich monetarily, but we know what's happening here is PRICELESS! 

Compost Fire and Nordstroms 009 Medium Web view.jpg

What Not To Compost

Food Waste Composting Nordstroms 047 Medium Web view.jpg

It's gonna happen in the beginning.  It's a learning process.  A lot of people don't even realize that the earths' ice is melting at a rate that could flood coastal areas within;  No one wants to say, "maybe 20 years", but there are people who study this stuff for a living and they're really worried!  So, since Methane from Organics is a leading cause of Green House Gases, that we can do something about, we'll pick the Contaminates out and compost the rest in an effort to Create a More Sustainable Future!

No No!

Okay, yes the turkey is out of date.  And, yes it is very compostable. But, left wrapped in two layers of plastic?  I wouldn't want to unwrap it next week!  So, we'll do it now.  At Creative Earth  you can see what happened to a piece of broccoli and a ziplock bag, some kids and I experimented with.  After weeks at thermophilic temperatures it was still there.  Composting requires the bacteria to break down the organics. Plastic is made from Oil, and Oil is Organic and compostable; But plastic isn't.

Food Waste Composting Nordstroms 050 Medium Web view.jpg