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Screened Compost   $12.50
 Garden Blend 50% N/A @ this time  $62.50
 Garden Blend 33% N/A @ this time  $40.00
 Mulch (chipped)  $25.00
 Mulch (shredded)  $25.00



Compost is $150.00 per Cubic Yard.  Our compost is made from food residual organics.  It never contains sewage sludge or animal manure that may contain heavy metals, antibiotics and pharmaceutical residues. We are only selling unscreened compost at this time. This material is aged 3 years. It's what we grew all those tomatoes in this year. See the pics on the 2014 Organic Garden page. 

Our screened material is available only in 1/2 cubic ft. bags. http://www.backtothegarden.us/gpage27.html

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Garden Blend 50%


This blend is 50% compost and 50% topsoil... Great for gardens!  It is $62.50 per cubic yard, and is a new product, so pictures will be available soon!

Garden Blend 33%

Our Garden Blend 33% is a Topsoil derived from compost and native soils. Rich in beneficial organisms, it's good stuff to plant your roots in. It sells for $40.00 per cubic yard and it's worth it!  Don't Treat Your Soil Like Dirt. Local delivery is $35.00-$75.00 depending on distance. We will deliver outside of Athens, so call for pricing. 706-353-SOIL (7645)

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Our mulch is partially composted. This means no pathogens. The composting process breaks down the organic matter as it grows beneficial organisms. The perfect cover for your plants. We carry two varieties of mulch. Shredded and Chipped. We will deliver outside of Athens, so call for pricing. 706-353-SOIL (7645)

Compost Pics

Compost Being Turned

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