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Expect Emergency Tree Service / Arborist

Tree Service Athens, Georgia / Mark McConnell / Tree Hugger

Tree Work 1 Medium Web view.jpg

Working 70 feet up in the air, isn't everyones idea of fun. But for me it's just another day on the job.

Danger Above

Removing broken limbs from over a house, can sometimes be very tricky. This is when knowledge and experience count.

Tree Work  016 Medium Web view.jpg

Getting Up There

Tree Work  024 Medium Web view.jpg

When permissible, we will use our largest tool. The bucket truck, allows us easy access to a tree's canopy. Sometimes it gets you where you need to go, and then, sometimes you have got to climb the difference. From the driveway, we used the truck to set our ropes and get me closer to the tree.

Occupation / Aborist

70 feet up and 35 feet out, it's a long and difficult way to earn a living.  But, I love it!  I've been climbing professionally for 25 years.

Tree Work 044 Medium Web view.jpg

Out on a limb

Tree Work 056 Medium Web view.jpg

Getting where you need to be, is sometimes more than half of the work.

Securing the limb

Once you get out to where you need to be.  The next step is setting your lowering line.  Because this limb is over the house, we need to be sure, everything is secure.  Double check, and cut.

Tree Work 065 Medium Web view.jpg

Job Well Done

Tree Work 066 Medium Web view.jpg

The limb is cut and lowered to the ground safely.  Now, on to the next one. 

Tree Work 086 Large Web view.jpg

Here's the piece we lowered out.  They always look smaller, when they're up in the air.

Large limb, hangs precariously over the roof.

A very large limb, was hanging precariously over the roof.  When I saw the wind rocking it back and forth, I knew it wouldn't be long, before it was in the living room. The next day we were on the job.

Tree Work 007 Medium Web view.jpg

Athens Arboricultural Services

Tree Work 071 Medium Web view.jpg

We needed all hands on deck to bring this limb safely to rest.  Hence, no cool photos. But here are the ropes, we used for the job, hanging from above.

Mission Accomplished

Here's what is left of the 40 ft long, 25 ft wide limb.  It was so big, I had to repell down on top of it and cut off branches so we could fit it in the space we had to use.

Tree Work 072 Medium Web view.jpg

Tree Work 077 Large Web view.jpg

It's 9:00 am, and the view is beautiful. Somebody had to climb back up and take the pulley out.