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Garden Blend 50%

Web Garden Blend 50 POC.jpg

Garden Blend 50%Premium Organic Compost



This Topsoil is awesome!  You can go buy some dirt.  You can go buy some crap in a bag, that took a half a quart of oil to get to you. Or you can buy the best Topsoil available! No Sh*t (Bio-Solids) (Manures) and all the list of steroids, hormones, heavy metals, wormers, pharmaceuticals and who knows what else winds up flushed down the drain, or injected or fed the animals.  If I'm not sure it will compost into something good. NOT IN MY GARDEN! 


Web Garden Blend .jpg

Our Garden Blend is made from our Premium Organic Compost, Native Topsoil (from cleared forests less than two miles away), Granite Sand (from the quarry down the street), Bio-Char (from super hot compost and burnt wood waste. Both from our own facility) and Wood Ash (from our facility).  Blended and Screened it's the finest Topsoil available. A small carbon footprint, with a huge capacity to sequester and store carbon. That's a really good thing :)

Screening Garden Blend 50%

Here's a video of our Royer Soil Shredder screening Garden Blend 50%   Video Screening Garden Blend 50%

Web 2011-10-17 Royer Garden Blend 013.jpg

Web DSC_4702.jpg


Hey Mark,

When you dropped of the garden blend you mentioned sending you pictures, so here are a few I just took. Maybe not that impressive to some, but I know for a fact our garden is growing better than ever before. Once I save up some more money I'll be buying some more of that stuff (and maybe some straight compost as well). Anyways, thanks for doing what you do to help our garden, and more importantly and our planet.

Yeah, For Earth!


6.5 Inch Heirloom Tomato

Dan's Monster Heirloom Tomato.jpg

So one of our soil purchasers of the 50% Garden Blend was so ecstatic about their garden they called to tell me all about it! I asked them to write me a letter and send some pics. Thanks Dan :)

2.365 lbs.

Wow! I ask Dan, "what did you use for fertilizer?" He said, "Nothing! Just your soil and lots of water."

Love it! Don't forget the Sunshine!

Web Dan's Garden Monster Tomato2 .jpg

Dan's Garden

Dan's Garden.jpg  

Web Dan Peters Letter.jpg