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New Construction Blues

We were called to this job, to look at a dying tree, that needed to be removed. What we found was a whole yard in stress.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 043 Medium Web view.jpg
Front Yard

Clay over topsoil

Erosion, compacted soils and red clay subsoil, graded 4-5 inches over the topsoil. The rhizosphere was suffocating.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 044 Medium Web view.jpg
Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

The whole yard was covered in red clay. Right into the woods.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 045 Medium Web view.jpg
Soil Erosion

Vertical Mulching

In most cases of poor soil respiration, the first thing we do is vertical mulching.

V M Reese 2.jpg
Boring the holes

Vertical Mulching

After the hole is bored into the soil, we fill the hole with ¼ inch screened food compost.

V M Reese 3.jpg
Food Compost

Vertical Mulching

Natural soils are full of life. What they need to survive is the same things we need. Oxygen, water, nutrients and carbon.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 046 Medium Web view.jpg
Screened compost in hole

Exposed Soil

Every time it rained a river of red mud would flow into the woods. This added to the stress of some of the trees, by deepening the clay over their roots.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 047 Medium Web view.jpg
Left Side Yard

Exposed Soils

A look up towards the back of the house.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 050 Medium Web view.jpg
Left Side Back

Erosion and Sedimentation

The home owner had put limbs and logs in the path of the storm water to try and slow it down. It did very little to fix the problem.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 051 Medium Web view.jpg


Sediment had been building up over the roots of many trees for months.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 052 Medium Web view.jpg
Sediment Build Up

Exposed Soil

The grade of the property is not so steep. It was just impermeable. So the rain couldn’t soak in, it just ran off taking the soil with it.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 053 Medium Web view.jpg
Impermeable Soil

Applying Mulch

A major landscape plan, was in the works for this yard. In the meantime, we covered the yard 4” deep in partially composted mulch. My son Brett McConnell helps spread the mulch.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 054 Medium Web view.jpg
Brett Mulching


Storm water always follows the path of least resistance. The channeled areas will get a deeper layer of mulch.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 055 Medium Web view.jpg
Front Yard


Ideally we would regrade the yard before applying the mulch. That would allow us to better control the flow of the storm water.

Kids Summer Kim n Steve Mulch 056 Medium Web view.jpg
Back Yard Left Side

Ledford dadnbrett 092 Medium Web view.jpg  

Wow the stone wall looks awesome!

The Stone Walls are finished. The Topsoil and Mulch are spread, starting to look good.

Ledford dadnbrett 124 Medium Web view.jpg

Jumping Ahead

100_1902 Medium Web view.jpg


I’ve got lots of pictures and text to fill in between this slide and the previous one. I just don’t have the time, yet. So as to not leave the job hanging in cyber space, here's a finish shot. More to come..


Kim Ledford is a Master Gardener! Thank you Kim for making my work look so good!

Kim and Steve's Yard Medium Web view.jpg

Kim and Steve's Yard 1Medium Web view.jpg