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Composting Food Residuals

Food Waste Composting

Secrect Garden Veggie Sauce 004 Medium Web view.jpg

Composting facilities in Georgia. Between 2008 and 2009 Back To The Garden Inc. composted over 1,000,000 lbs. of organic food residuals (food waste).

Then again between 2010 and 2011, Back To The Garden composted over 1 million lbs. of organic food residuals (food waste).

Never once, did the operation produce any mal odors. It's all in the management!


Concrete Pad

A concrete pad. covered with six to eight inches of composting mulch, allows us to absorb the juice and mix the organics for composting.

Food Residuals Composting 115 Medium Web view.jpg

Food Waste

Whole Foods Food Residuals 9 11 018 Medium Web view.jpg

It doesn't seem fair to call this material "Food Waste".  If it went into a landfill, that would be a waste!  But here, at Back To The Garden, we like to refer to it as "Organic Residuals".  Through the process of thermophilic composting, we will ultimately turn this material back into soil or if it's in your garden, FOOD!

Clean Food (waste) Residuals

Here is 34,000 lbs of cleaned organics. Most of this material consists of fruits and vegetables. Other organics may consist of: Flowers, Cheese, Bread and occasionally chicken. Click on the first link and I'll tell you a little more about it.

 The second link takes you to a new video of composting. Way Cool!  With music by Pam Blanchard and The Sunny-Side Up Band, "My Dad's Got Trucks".  Ralph Roddenbery's "The Way It's Suppose To Be". Two of the Best Singer song writers Ever. Here's to the best garden in the universe, ours!  Let's take care of it :)  

Composting Food (Residuals) Waste

Composting at Back To The Garden

Whole Foods Composting 11 10 08 029 Medium Web view.jpg