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Compacted Soil


Here is just another case of soil compaction. In a healthy terrestrial ecosystem the soil breathes, exchanging gases. Compacted clay particles lay flat suffocating most soil organisms.

JP's Yard 007 Medium Web view.jpg
Compacted Clay Soil

JP's Yard 006 Medium Web view.jpg
Vertical Mulching With Compost

Opening The Soil


To alleviate this plastic bag over the head effect, we bore holes in the ground throughout the affected areas.

Screened Compost


We fill these holes with screened compost that is derived from local organic residuals. These organics include: Ground Wood, Food Residuals and Animal Mortalities.

For more information on composting and the composting of Animal Mortalities please visit the non-profit Creative Earth .

Screened Compost Medium Web view.jpg
Screened Compost

JP's Yard 009 Medium Web view.jpg
Crew Spreads Soil By Hand

Composted Topsoil


Composted Topsoil is installed into areas for raised beds.  We do this with shovels and wheelbarrows to avoid further damage to the soil that would be created by using a Skid Loader or other heavy equipment.

Composted Topsoil in Raised Beds


We have installed 6 to 8 inches of soil into these beds. That will be sufficient to establish a nice planting.

JP's Yard 014 Medium Web view.jpg
Composted Topsoil

JP's Yard 012 Medium Web view.jpg
Ground Local Green Waste

Heavy Mulch

In areas where working with compacted clay on the surface, little or no organic matter and soil erosion, we will apply a thick layer of  ground wood waste mulch. Here we're applying about 6 inches.  The material is of varying sizes particles.  This along with the vertical mulching  utilizing the screened compost will accomplish a number of things.


Foremost on that list is Soil Respiration.  Next is Water Infiltration.  Soil Erosion is another problem that is fix, as well as building an Organic Layer and establishing a healthy Rhizosphere.  All of these things are part of  the Carbon Cycle and help sustain a healthy Biosphere.

Doe a Deer 020 Medium Web view.jpg
Making a difference